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How to Become a Parkour Instructor and Obtain Your Certification

How to Become a Parkour Instructor and Obtain Your Certification Parkour is a truly unique sport and a discipline so many people around the globe enjoy tremendously. Some people even turn parkour into a lifestyle and dedicate their lives to mastering the skills, tricks, and moves of parkour. If you’re a parkour enthusiast and enjoy…

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Parkour: The Perfect Exercise for all-round Fitness?

Choosing a type of exercise that is fun and enjoyable to you is a crucial factor in staying committed to training consistently. It is natural that whatever skill we choose to practice we improve on specifically. For example, someone who trains weightlifting 3x a week consistently, is likely to find over time that they can…

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USA Parkour Cup 2020

2020 has arrived and the USA Parkour Cup preparations are heating up. With 10 Regional Qualifier Competitions across the US States at our WFPF Parkour Academies complete, the stage is set and the top competitors from across the country will arrive to battle it out for the USA Parkour Cup Victory. As expected, ALL age…

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Parkour For Everyone

Parkour for Everyone  It can be easy for someone who is new to understanding the Free Running and Parkour Movement to overlook the practice to be just vaulting over obstacles or doing flips. However, over time it becomes evident to anyone who has trained Parkour that dedicating oneself to progressing in the discipline brings skills…

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Mixing of Parkour with other Movement Disciplines

At the heart of the principles behind Parkour and Free Running lies the idea of creativity and self-expression. Such ideas have lent themselves towards athletes approaching the discipline of Parkour and Free Running from various different avenues throughout the years. In this article we look at some of the most creative and unique cross-referencing of…

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Ninja Warrior and the Demand for Parkour Classes

In 2009, American Ninja Warrior began as a spin off show to the popular Japanese TV series Sasuke. The format for the show included hundreds of competitors attempting to complete a series of obstacle courses that increase in difficulty at each stage. Since then numerous shows with a similar format have sprung up across the…

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3 Ways To Find An Excellent Parkour Trainer

Parkour or Freerunning is a training discipline that emerged as a result of training methods inspired from military obstacle training in France. It has moved from a military inspired training discipline to an urban sport that has caught the attention of a lot of young people. Parkour involves seeing your environment in a new way…

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Parkour Competitions

Types of Parkour Competition The definitions of Parkour and Free Running have been debated amongst the community since the earliest beginnings of the movement. Naturally this has also led to debates surrounding the way in which “Parkour competitions” should be judged, as the sport’s popularity continues to increase. However, we could argue that this debate…

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Why Now is a Good Time to Open a Parkour Gym

20 years ago, the wider public were simply unaware of what Parkour was to the same extent. People often misunderstood the act of climbing on buildings to be vandalism and trespassing.  Steadily however, awareness to the movement of Parkour continues to grow, which means that this is no longer the case. The popularity of Parkour…

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Easy & Effective Implementation of Parkour classes in your gym.

Easy & Effective Implementation of Parkour Classes in an existing gym Adding Parkour / Ninja classes to your gym has never been easier. Tools such as the WFPF Parkour Academy, provide start to finish steps to have your Parkour classes setup and optimized with immediate effect. 1)    Equipment – If you have a pre existing…

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