Mixing of Parkour with other Movement Disciplines

At the heart of the principles behind Parkour and Free Running lies the idea of creativity and self-expression. Such ideas have lent themselves towards athletes approaching the discipline of Parkour and Free Running from various different avenues throughout the years.

In this article we look at some of the most creative and unique cross-referencing of Parkour and Free Running with other movement related disciplines.

  • Freestyle Football and Free Running/Parkour –

In this video pro Free Runner Mike Wilson combines soccer/football tricks with beautiful acrobatic flips and calisthenic bar work, showcasing an incredible display of movement and creativity. A video like this would do well for a World Cup Advert campaign we reckon…


  • Skateboarding and Parkour

San Francisco provides a beautiful setting for this incredible expression of movement incorporating two of the most popular urban sports in the modern day. The creativity of filming in this piece is a masterpiece, 2.2 million views for a reason…


  • Capoeira and Free Running

Throwing it back to 2011 with this one… Fabio Santos combines the worlds of Capoeira and Free Running together showcasing a spectacle of unique movement and even throws in a bit of diving in this epic showreel too…


If you have your own favourite examples of mixing Parkour/ Free Running with other disciplines that we haven’t covered here, then feel free to add them to the comments below to share with this community we’re building…

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