“I believe parkour is the next big sport and I wanted to get in early and grow with the sport. I did a lot of investigating and joined the WFPF Parkour Academy. Their curriculum is sound and progressive by levels like we are used to in gymnastics and their support staff are amazing.”

Tom Forster
Colorado Aerials owner, gymnastics coach, entrepreneur, and current High Performance Team Co-ordinator for the United States Women's National Gymnastics team

Learn Out About Becoming A WFPF Parkour Academy Gym

The WFPF Parkour Academy

As an official WFPF Parkour Academy you will enjoy these special benefits:

  • 8-Level Parkour curriculum, including our trademarked Parkidz and Ninjas
  • Children’s Program, for students age 4 and up
  • Monthly curriculum and marketing updates for all programs
  • Exclusive eligibility to host WFPF Sanctioned competitions
  • Ongoing equipment consultation to fit your growing program
  • Right to use WFPF and Parkidz and Ninjas branding in all promotional and business materials
  • Regular Exposure on WFPF and USA Parkour social media platforms

WFPF Academy Gyms also Receive Discounts on:

  • WFPF Instructor Certifications
  • Preferred prices on WFPF and KO Parkour Shoes and Apparel


  • One-Time Initiation Fee: $3000
  • 1-Year Commitment
  • $350 Monthly

Subsequent Years: 

  • $3000 per year or $350 Monthly (1 year commitment)

Learn About Becoming A WFPF Academy Gym

To Find Out About Becoming An Official WFPF Parkour Academy Gym, Or A WFPF Hub Gym, Please Complete The Form Below.

Tom Forester

Aerial Gymnastics

"We started with about 20 kids and have grown to 150 in the first year and are now at the point where we have outgrown our area and we have to open a second location."

CJ Beasley

Tumble Tech

"Now we are at about 320 kids and it has been about a year and we are steadily climbing."


"Having the Lesson Plans each week has been hugely beneficial and we still refer back to the Video Glossary on a regular basis. The whole Program has been fantastic.”

Naro Parkour Academy

"Within our first year, we reached the maximum capacity of our gym and so we are now looking for a larger space, for which we can bring our Integrated Obstacles Mobile equipment with us."