Why Now is a Good Time to Open a Parkour Gym

20 years ago, the wider public were simply unaware of what Parkour was to the same extent. People often misunderstood the act of climbing on buildings to be vandalism and trespassing. 

Steadily however, awareness to the movement of Parkour continues to grow, which means that this is no longer the case. The popularity of Parkour is on the rise and is instantly recognisable to audiences across the world. 
As a result, now is a great opportunity to open a Parkour gym either from scratch or in addition to your existing facilities.

This is as a result of several factors. The role that film and television campaigns in the 2000’s has played in bringing awareness to the sport is a crucial one. Parkour chase scenes in films such as Casino Royale brought attention to the Parkour and Ninja movement while film and television advert campaigns are now abundant with examples of scenes including Parkour. 

Since then as social media has become the most popular way in which to consume information, Parkour athletes have created celebrity-like statuses for themselves gaining the attention on hundreds of thousands of people across the world.
Furthermore, the popularity of TV shows like Ninja Warrior has left many kids/parents looking for ‘Ninja Classes’ or ‘Ninja Gymnastics’.
Our programmes of Parkidz and Ninjas feature a Ninja Program that develops Parkour foundational movement. 

Accordingly, this means that a safe environment for Parkour and Ninja training, has been steadily growing for parents who have kids who want to learn and train Parkour. Plus, for adults looking to train Parkour and Ninja on a consistent basis. Adding a section to practice Parkour to your gym can be a great way to attract the growing proportion of people out there who want to give these exciting movements a go. Not to mention, it can be an option as part of your facility that can help differentiate your gym from others in the local area to really attract new demographics.

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