Parkour For Everyone

Parkour for Everyone 

It can be easy for someone who is new to understanding the Free Running and Parkour Movement to overlook the practice to be just vaulting over obstacles or doing flips. However, over time it becomes evident to anyone who has trained Parkour that dedicating oneself to progressing in the discipline brings skills and benefits far beyond just this. Indeed, training Parkour and Free Running provides an amazing foundation of skills that can help you achieve good wellbeing regardless of your age and current ability. For example, skills such as coordination, balance, self-respect and confidence all come as a by-product of training Parkour in a safe environment and guided by an experienced coach.

However often finding safe places to train can be difficult to find, particularly in colder climates across the world in the winter months. Safe places to train and safe education on the best practices is essential to anyone looking to progress in Parkour and especially to beginners who are starting out. Therefore, communities and federations such as the WFPF academy become critical to the safe growth and expansion of the Parkour/Free Running movement as they provide worldwide infrastructure for a sport that continues to grow.

Since the formation of WFPF in 2007:

“WFPF is dedicated to the safe and responsible advancement of the parkour/freerunning discipline throughout the world, providing leadership, products and services that keep barriers to entry low and grass roots enthusiasm high. Together with our athlete partners, we strive to faithfully bring this philosophy of movement to the growing numbers of young people who believe that through camaraderie, self-expression and service to others, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.”

To help achieve this the WFPF Certification Program was carefully developed to encourage the creative, grass roots nature of parkour, while also establishing safe practices and a common vocabulary of movement for progressive instruction to students of all ages. As of 2019, WFPF has certified approximately 900 instructors around the Globe. The WFPF Certification Program, the only parkour certification developed in partnership with a major insurance underwriter, is the gold standard for the safe and practical instruction of parkour.

Furthermore, the WFPF also offers the opportunity for gyms to become a ‘A WFPF Parkour Academy Gym’. Providing, these gyms with:

  • Currículo de Parkour de 8 niveles, incluyendo nuestras marcas registradas Parkidz y Ninjas
  • Programa para niños, para estudiantes de 4 años en adelante
  • Plan de estudios mensual y actualizaciones de marketing para todos los programas.
  • Elegibilidad exclusiva para organizar competiciones autorizadas por el WFPF
  • Consulta continua de equipos para adaptarse a su programa de crecimiento
  • Derecho a usar la marca WFPF y Parkidz y Ninjas en todos los materiales promocionales y comerciales
  • Exposición regular en las plataformas de redes sociales WFPF y USA Parkour

Furthermore, WFPF Academy Gyms also Receive Discounts on:

  • Certificaciones de Instructor de WFPF
  • Precios preferidos en WFPF y KO Parkour Shoes and Apparel

To find more extensive information on these services and relevant contact details please use the links below:

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3) More information on WFPF Certification Program:

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