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Easy & Effective Implementation of Parkour classes in your gym.

Easy & Effective Implementation of Parkour Classes in an existing gym Adding Parkour / Ninja classes to your gym has never been easier. Tools such as the WFPF Parkour Academy, provide start to finish steps to have your Parkour classes setup and optimized with immediate effect. 1)    Equipment – If you have a pre existing…

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“Our Youth program took off and now we are bringing in more teens and adults too. In our first year we have approximately 800 students and have had almost 3500 visitors through our doors. We have experienced 9-15% growth month on month since we opened our doors.” “Having the Lesson Plans each week has been…

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Easy and effective for busy gym owners:  The WFPF Parkour Academy is quite literally a ‘Business-In-A-Box. “The next best thing to bring to your gym”. Whether you own a gym that already runs Parkour classes, or perhaps currently just Gymnastics classes and are considering options of Ninja or Parkour. Perhaps you don’t currently own a…

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