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How to Become a Parkour Instructor and Obtain Your Certification

How to Become a Parkour Instructor and Obtain Your Certification Parkour is a truly unique sport and a discipline so many people around the globe enjoy tremendously. Some people even turn parkour into a lifestyle and dedicate their lives to mastering the skills, tricks, and moves of parkour. If you’re a parkour enthusiast and enjoy…

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Why should we integrate Parkour in school curriculums?

Parkour promotes a healthy lifestyle, excellent physical shape, a combination of speed and strength. Many people mistakenly refer to Parkour as a sport, because officially, this discipline does not exist. They started to hold “competitions” among tracers (a Traceur is a person engaged in Parkour) not so long ago. And it’s a pure pleasure to…

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Parkour For Everyone

Parkour for Everyone  It can be easy for someone who is new to understanding the Free Running and Parkour Movement to overlook the practice to be just vaulting over obstacles or doing flips. However, over time it becomes evident to anyone who has trained Parkour that dedicating oneself to progressing in the discipline brings skills…

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